The third edition of the BeGeo-event was organized by Agoria and NGI on April 24, 2018. For this edition, Merkator was not present as a sponsor and booth, but we were present with a small delegation. For those of you who were not present, we’d like to share some highlights.


Marc Lambotte, CEO of Agoria, jumped back in time to 1995, when triangulation enabled the tracking of people through their cellphone. Apparantly, the country resisted strongly and rightfully: “big brother is watching you”. In just 20 years, we use a smartphone with several apps and if we dive into the privacy and location settings: we notice an important trade-off: usability and privacy. Almost all our apps are using our location…

Maybe we should rethink this trade-off and start protecting our data more, especially after the Facebook-scandal of the past weeks. Most companies are already available to have localation data, but it’s important to know what they do with this data, hence the term: “location intelligence”.


The last keynote was from Michael Bültmann, managing director of HERE, Germany. An inspiring talk about the complexity and growth of HERE. The most important number? HERE creates 28TB of data every day. This data is often useless, but HERE is searching daily for new opportunities to create a valid business model. Today, HERE is working on several tracks: navigation (ofcourse), but also insurance, media, telecom, …

Strong story and a good storyteller. It’s only quite odd to invite a non-Belgium company on an event to promote Geo in Belgium, isn’t it?

We look forward to BeGeo19!


Luc De Heyn

Luc De Heyn

Business Development Manager

Luc is Business Development Manager at Merkator België and is responsible for different SaaS solutions like Smart City Eagle, KLIP / KLIM / KLIC GeoMerk, …