Last week at the congres for public space in Utrecht, we succesfully launched our new product: De Bestekchecker. (Dutch)

The “Bestekchecker” is a web application that can easily test specifications of contracts of the municipality based upon CROW image quality. The results are inventoried and stored with the help of an easy-to-use app for telephone or tablet. You can view progress of work and the results via a structured dashboard. This way you always have an overview of the state of the public space and you can easily helm the contractor to deliver more quality. In addition, it promotes communication between the municipality and the contractor considerably. Both organizations know where they stand.

Enthusiastic reactions

Various municipalities responded enthusiastically to the tool. Especially the simplicity in how to use it  and the possibility to inspect several contracts with the same app was seen as added value. The dashboard with an overview of the progress per region, neighborhood or district and monitoring of the performance over time was seen as an important instrument. The report functionality is necessary for the burden of proof towards the contractor when it comes to calculating the discount on the agreed amount of money. The fact that this can be realized in one app environment was seen as pure luxury.

Contractors also interested

Next to municipalities, various contractors responded enthusiastically to the “Bestekchecker”. It is often not clear to a contractor what exactly the geographic specifications are of, for example, the mowing of recreational lawns. With the “Bestekchecker” the contractor gets that kind of insight. He is able to see with clearly arranged map images where the fields are located and he is able to check if work has already been carried out. That kind of information is added vallue for many contractors. Perhaps more important they get insight in what has changed compared to the initial specifications. In this way, changes becomes clear and can be translated to additional work. A couple of contractors have entered the conversation with us to purchase this tool.


Read this article about why municipality of Breda uses the Bestekchecker application. (dutch only)