“Hinder in Kaart” (HiK in short) means “Hindrance on the map” and is an application developed by Jeroen De Wilde. Everytime you see hindrance in your street, you ask yourself:

  • Who is working?
  • What are they doing?
  • When will it be finished?
  • Who can I contact ?

In the past, you needed to go to the website of the local town, and/or the website of the utility to learn more. Cumbersome to say the least. With HiK, you can find all public info, at least in Flanders for now, using the Open Data from the GIPOD database. Eagle customers have the opportunity to add even more personal information.

This small application was built in just a few days in November 2017 to validate the idea. Today, we receive more than 1000+ visitors every month, so we have traction and the idea sticks. Therefore we improved the application in the course of February:

  • Angular 4 update to Angular 5
  • There is an extra option to find hindrance near you (using your location).
  • The results have a Google Maps static image
  • The results show the progression of the intake (% finished)
  • The user can find hindrance for any location by enriching the URL using coordinates in WGS85 and a buffer (max 5000m). Example:¬†https://www.hinderinkaart.be/opmijnlocatie?ll=4.2810929,50.883852999999995&buffer=500

Examples of municipalities communication with their citizens through HiK

  • Bredene shared information about infrastructure works by Eandis (the Flemish version of Ores or Alliander).
  • Wetteren invites you to their local Christmas market, and warns about the implication of parking.
  • Jelle Bockstael (Merkator Belgium) received an paper letter from his municipality Putte to warn about upcoming works. They share the URL to HiK for real-time updates.
Jeroen De Wilde

Jeroen De Wilde

Senior Geo-ICT Consultant

Jeroen De Wilde is the technical architect of Eagle, Mipoda and HiK. He has been supporting several customers that have implemented solutions based on the Autodesk product suites and this both in the GIS as well as in the FM (Facilities Management) markets. Jeroen has a deep knowledge of Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Mapguide and Autodesk Map 3D workflows. Jeroen joined Merkator NV/SA in September 2012 as Geo-ICT Consultant;and was immediately contributing to new projects in the field of Fiber, Electrical Grids,Water & Wastewater management. He has assisted Telenet NV in the enterprise automation of several GIPOD-workflows. Jeroen obtained a Master in Geography with speciality Cartography and GIS from Ghent University (Ghent – Belgium, 2003).