On Thursday 29 November 2018, a few colleagues and I had the honour to represent Merkator at the Trefdag Digitaal Vlaanderen in the ICC in Ghent. This day is known as the perfect day to discuss and explore the latest trends and innovations concerning Geographic Information. Furthermore, on this day, which brings together the most prominent companies in the GI sector, a strong networking takes place! The Trefdag offers a mix of lectures and interesting debates in which opinions and visions can be exchanged. Merkator is a Premium Partner at this event so we were present with an … interesting booth 😉

Data, how to (better) handle it

This year’s theme was already clear: “Data, how to (better) handle it”. How can you digitalise services, how can you centralise a multitude of information, how can you integrate different data sources and different implementations in one application, … In short, in these digital times you are being overwhelmed by information and endless possibilities to manage it, and it becomes difficult to make a difference.

This made me wonder …

Thanks to the experience I have gained (although it is still very modest) and contact with customers in my first months of work, this need for a simple, clear solution for daily applications also becomes painfully clear to me. How can we pursue this goal?

Actually, I am convinced that with Eagle we already offer a quick, clear solution for the somewhat difficult process of the occupation of public domain. Checkbox checked ?

Almost, but not quite yet. We strive day after day for an even better solution, new innovations and integration of different platforms to help both citizens and service providers. This in collaboration with this citizen and service provider to fully understand and fulfill their needs. Because if Eagle had to be finished and we had no more challenges, what could we brainstorm about at next year’s Trefdag Digitaal Vlaanderen?

Gaëlle Seffers

Gaëlle Seffers

Junior Geo-ICT Consultant

Gaëlle Seffers has a Masters degree in Geographic Information Science and Cartography from the University of Ghent. She joined the Eagle team from the start where she is responsible for the Functional Analysis, Testing and Support without being afraid to code where needed.