Introducing GeoMerk

KLIM-CICC Software

As a network owner, you need to protect your network from damage by third party works. Therefore, every contractor can request plans of all underground networks before they start digging, using KLIM-CICC. Network owners receive all these calls and need to answer them by sending the plans in the designated format and in time.

GeoMerk’s KLIM-CICC module supports your organisation to automate this process and protect your network.

How do we work?

We are the experts in call-before-you-dig applications like KLIM-CICC, KLIP, KLIC-WION, … You are the expert your network data. Together, we configure GeoMerk following your requests.

We will investigate your network data and propose the exchange format for future updates. We will map your data to GeoMerk and ensure that all required and/or optional data is available.

We will request the rights for the GeoMerk account to receive and answer all planrequests. We train your colleagues on how to use the GeoMerk platform and you are ready to go.

Your network changes? Send us and updated dataset, and we take care of the rest.

World-Class Productivity

GeoMerk receives new plan requests immediatly and is able to respond accordingly. GeoMerk prepares an answer, based on your network data.

You want to stay in-control and manually verify each answer? We will contact the right colleague and ask for verification. When verified, GeoMerk uploads the data.

You don’t have the time to verify each plan request? GeoMerk sends the answer immediatly. Your team can verify all requests and answers and take extra action if needed.



GeoMerk can be used on smartphones, tablets and pc. Your data is accesible everywhere.

Search and find

Extensive search and filter capabilities and a full history.

Free Updates

GeoMerk is a SaaS platform that evolves with KLIM-CICC legislation changes.

GeoMerk experience



calls answered

organisations using GeoMerk


Merkator nv/sa was chosen after a formal EU tendering process. GeoMerk is a proven solution in the Benelux, with the right features to support our process and a strong focus on security and performance.

Danny Vandenbogaerde

Procurement Officer, Defense Belgium

The Merkator team supports Gassco for all KLIM-CICC and KLIP obligations. GeoMerk functions fully automated, so we can follow up on construction works too close to our network.

Stefan Everaerd

HSE & Q manager, Gassco

As we build more windmills, our network of electricity and fibre cables and ducts grows. By syncing the data to GeoMerk, we know that our KLIP and KLIM-CICC plan requests are answered in time and in the right format.

Dirk Deboe

Design Manager, Aspiravi

Interesse? Vragen?

Merkator heeft ervaring met graafwetgeving in Vlaanderen (KLIP Digitaal), Walloni√ę en Brussel (KLIM-CICC) en Nederland (KLIC-WION).
U heeft ervaring met uw netwerk.

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