Marlin, our innovation in Geospatial Asset Management (GAM), is an open initiative and it is GIS agnostic. “GIS Agnostic“, let’s hype those 2 words !

During the Merkator Innovation Days, Team Holland was interested in a QGIS POC of Marlin. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. That’s why Erik started a small proof-of-concept: let’s build a QGIS plugin for Marlin.


  • QGIS desktop software, used as mapcontroller
  • Pythonnet, used for communication between Qgis and Marlin Core
  • Marlin Core, used as utility network solution.


  1. Created a standard plugin for Qgis (Python and QT).
  2. Created a Wrapper to communicate between Qgis and Marlin.
    This allows you to launch C# functions from python and allows passing parameters from one technology to another.
  3. Marlin Core GUI  can’t be used directly in QGIS.
    So a dockable window is created in QT and the Marlin GUI is overlayed on the same position. And the c# process of Marlin Core has the QGIS process as parent. This creates a look and feel of a native dockable window in QGIS without rewriting the entire GUI.

In just a few days, Erik was able to control Marlin through QGIS. See screenshots below (click for better resolution). Now, enjoy your pudding.

Erik van der Perre

Erik van der Perre

Geo-ICT Consultant

Erik Van der Perre previously worked for an Esri focused Geo-ICT Company and worked as a developer and software engineer on several external Geo projects (KLIP, Vlaamse Overheid, W&Z, Different Provinces,…)  and internal IT-tracks (Servers, Database,..) . He holds a Bachelor in Applied Informatics (Gent-Aalst). Erik joins our growing team of Geo-ICT Developers.