Five of our Belgian Merkator Fiber Experts participated to the FTTH Conference held in Valencia, Spain. They spent three inspiring days with industry professionals from all over Europe.

After a successful conference last year in Marseille, it was again a great occasion to extend our network of customers and partners as well as to stay at the cutting edge of the current FTTH trends & outlook, fast evolving equipment and also to assess latest software solutions.

Many inspirational speakers shared their vision on current and future challenges; furthermore they shed a light on technical, commercial and political Fiber developments in Europe and around the world.

Fiber for enabling 5G— Virtualization — Internet of Thing (IoT) — Collaboration — Quality — Governmental facilitation — Smart Cities— Urbanistic Creativity were the main highlights of the conference. It illustrates the wide range of domains involving Fiber in our lives.


Geneviève Carton de Wiart

Geneviève Carton de Wiart

Project Lead at Proximus

Geneviève is Senior Geo-ICT Consultant at Merkator and currently works full-time as Project Lead at Proximus. She worked 10 years for US based Intergraph Corporation, where she successfully covered technical and pre-sales activities in the public sector in Belgium and abroad, and thoroughly contributed to all phases of the A.S.T.R.I.D. project for the delivery of a nationwide calltaking & dispatching solution for the Belgian Federal Police including I/CAD and GeoMedia products.