July 2017, San Diego (USA): Surrounded by 15996 other GIS enthusiastic specialist coming from all over the world 4 Merkator people witnessed what the future might bring in Esri country. Just an impression :

The Benelux Merkator team got turbo-charged after our very interesting chats with several SAP people. For sure SAP’s S/4HANA will influence the Utility & Communication market heavily. We are exploring actively the powerful possibilities of this innovating platform. 

ESRI UC 2017 - SAP HANA Express Edition

Discussions brought us lot’s of ideas and integration opportunities. Pictured: Mike van der Woning, Searp Wijbenga, Dave Dionne and Olivier Damanet.

ESRI UC 2017 - SAP HANA and ArcGIS

Getting a glimpse on where the near future will bring us and yes ArcGIS Pro is crucial here.

ESRI UC 2017 - ArcGIS Support for SAP HANA

Sharing innovations and our accomplishments in Belgium and The Netherlands in the Start-Up zone

ESRI UC 2017 - startup zone

Discovering new opportunities for pipeline inspection by drone with folks from Switzerland

ESRI UC 2017 - Pipeline inspection by Drone

Looking forward to implementing the brand new Utility Network on ArcGIS Pro to enable Smart GRID engineering and operations.

ESRI UC 2017 - electric and gas kickoff


Geert De Coensel

Geert De Coensel

Director Merkator Belgium

Geert De Coensel is Director at Merkator Belgium and together with a team of 30 Geo-ICT Consultants, we are the leading GIS Expert in the Benelux Utilities market. Interested to challenge yourself and ready to grow? Don’t hesitate to check our careers section.