If you are located in Belgium or the Netherlands and need to comply with the legal frameworks of KLIM-CICC or KLIP or KLIC-WI(O)N, Merkator provides the right tools. Merkator supports both network owners and contractors with innovative and stable solutions.

Netowners need to provide network plans in the right format

KLIP Services by Merkator

GeoMerk is a robust, responsive SaaS solution used by 60+ netowners.

Netowners are obliged to provide the plans of their infrastructure when someone requests them via a “call before you dig” solution, but then fully digital. The plans should be delivered in the IMKL format, based on the INSPIRE initiative from the European Directive. Merkator supports the netwoners to convert the existing plans to this new format, and provides a SaaS solution that automatically sends the plans when they are requested. Learn more about GeoMerk KLIC KLIM KLIP.

Contractors receive plans they cannot use in their engineering software

Contractors are obliged to request plans of the underground cables and ducts before they dig. The result is a single digital plan in IMKL format. It contains a lot of information, but this plan comes in a format that cannot be viewed in typical engineering software as AutoCAD or ArcMap. Merkator converts IMKL packages to the right formats with an online SaaS solution. Test the conversion of IMKL to SHP or IMKL to DWG.

Conversion from IMKL to formats as DWG and SHP.