Merkator nv/sa laureate in Belgian BEyond Tech Scale-Up program for 2019.

The Belgian BEyond initiative is the most promising program for Belgian tech scale-up companies to become a global top-business player. The program comes with a full year mentorship by leading Belgian entrepreneurs, experts and financial investors. BEyond is an initiative of Pulse Foundation. The foundation brings together entrepreneurial families from across the country to support entrepreneurship in Belgium. Other partners in the program are Agoria, EY, Universem, Datascouts, Fonds Baillet Latour and Sirris. The year 2019 is the second edition of this succesfull program and limits its selection to the 10 most promising scale-ups annually. . More detail on :

“We are honored to have been selected recently by an elite Belgian jury and see this as a group award for the hard work of all the people at Merkator” says Geert De Coensel, CEO of Merkator nv/sa. “This selection proves that with our deep industry expertise and great people we went beyond a traditional IT-company to become the trusted advisors with innovative software solutions, made in Belgium. With Eagle and Marlin we have two promising software platforms that will be able to serve critical workflows across our national borders into the international scene.“.

About Merkator
Above ground, Merkator supports more than 50 Smart Cities with the complex challenges concerning the permit process for intakes of the public domain and the communication towards the civilian. Underground, Merkator offers expertise and software solutions to support the full asset lifecycle of any type of utility and telco network. At present, Merkator is the professional home for almost 50 domain experts in Belgium. Next to this we have growing operations in The Netherlands and Spain.  

Geert De Coensel

Geert De Coensel

CEO Merkator

Geert De Coensel manages all the Belgian sales & operations of Merkator NV/SA and is Partner of Merkator BV in The Netherlands. Geert co-founded Merkator NV/SA in 2011 after working for 22 years for US based Intergraph Corporation. Since April 2018 Geert also manages NetworkMining nv/sa which is 100% owned by Merkator nv/sa and the operations of Merkator Spain in Oviedo. Geert has a Master in Electrical Engineering, speciality Consumer Electronics (Ghent – Belgium, 1987).