From June 24 to June 28, the 111th OGC Technical Committee meeting will be organized. This is an exciting week with a broad range of topics and meetings being discussed to further improve or develop GeoICT standards. If you don’t know OGC, but you are engaged with GeoICT, you’ll probably know several of the OGC outcomes. Standards such as Web Map Services, Web Feature Services, GeoPackage, … enable a great level of standardisation, they are vendor neutral and open. As such, these OGC standards receive worldwide adoption. Where? When? Agenda? Registration? You will find all the details here:

This meetup is sponsored by KU Leuven, Informatie Vlaanderen, Merkator and Hexagon.

Merkator co-develops the PipelineML standard

Today, the activity of Merkator at OGC is focusing on a new standard for pipeline transportation: PipelineML. We are doing this together with Enterprise Products, one of the largest US midstream pipeline operators, and using the strong experience Merkator developed at our Pipeline customers over the years. The PipelineML is in its last phase: approval is pending on the Technical Committee in June.

PipelineML facilitates interoperability between systems of pipeline operators: asset management, regulatory, plan requests, inline inspections…. On top, it improves security by imposing strict data quality standards. We have written about this topic in the past, so if you want to catch up, read this PipelineML blog.

Within the next years, Merkator plans to further engage in OGC, by extending PipelineML and promoting its adoption and by participating in data modelling and standardization initiatives for multi-utility networks such as telecom, water and gas distribution. With these initiatives, we gain in-depth experience in data modeling and support our utility customers.

Ofcourse, Merkator plans to integrate PipelineML and other adopted OGC standards into our own Next Generation Asset management system Marlin.

About Merkator

Merkator provides software and services to Telecom Companies, SmartGrid Operators & Governments for key workflows that touch the “public domain”.
Above the public domain, Eagle safeguards the roadsafety with temporary roadworks and events by simplifying the request procedure and permitting process at municipality level.
Below the public domain, Marlin and our team of Geo-ICT Consultants are developing and maintaining Asset Management platforms at Telecom Companies and SmartGrid Operators.