MIPODA – Connecting GIPOD with internal services for netowners

Project Description

In Flanders (Belgium), network owners are obliged to report the zones where they will execute underground works in the GIPOD application from the Flemish government. This has two important implications: it stimulates synergy and thereby reduces costs, but it also reduces nuisances for the civilians, transport sector and safety sector. Mipoda is developed for network owners to connect GIPOD with internal applications and data sources and is built using Open Source components like Openlayers.

Project Details

Client Telenet
Date 2015

Customized Workflows

Mipoda allows to customize the workflow, enabling easier data-entry and full reuse of data across all platforms. The result is an easy adoption of the decree and reducing errors.

Combining GIPOD data with own geospatial information

Visualizing different datasets (public and internal) enables an overal view and easier interpretation of the best actions to take. Where will the infrastructure be expanded, or where does the infrastructure require updates and where are other companies working? Visualizing the information on the map, simplifies the decision making process.

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