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Bestekchecker helps to inspect and monitor the quality of our public space. The web application ensures that the inspector can assess and record the quality of the work according to CROW image quality standards. Overview of the content of the specifications and clear reporting ensures that communication with the contractor is more effective.

This cross-platform solution, we support municipalities in the inspection process and we help indirectly by increasing the quality and viability of our public spaces.

Contractors can also use this tool to steer the content and progress of the contract specifications. More information? Look at our productpage of Bestekchecker (dutch) or request a demo.

Eagle simplifies the permit process for Municipalities and is initially targeted to the Belgian market.  Every city and municipality has a legal obligation to digitally communicate any impact on the public domain (“inname openbaar domein“) and report it into a Governmental hosted environment GIPOD (Flanders), Osiris (Brussels) and Powalco (Wallonia)

With our Eagle SaaS solution we currently support more than 50 municipalities and cities today and this number goes up fast. Are you and your citizens the next user of this highly effective platform?

geomerk klic klim-cicc klipGeoMerk KLIC – KLIM – KLIP automates every “call before you dig” request. It conforms to both legislation of The Netherlands (KLIC) and Belgium (KLIP/KLIM). Every day we serve more than 80 customers in our SaaS solutions, 100% autonomous, 99.98% availability.


IMKL Conversion tool. Need IMKL ? Need SHP file ? Need DWG ?

Do it yourself, 100% in the Cloud. For almost no money. It’s that simple.

More than 30 customers are already using it and it’s growing every week.

GaiaBuilder automates publishing and sharing of Mapservices to ArcGIS Enterprise.

Develop and maintain your Mapservices and more with our professional deployment tools for ESRI software. ArcGIS Pro projects or maps and their ArcGIS Enterprise configuration can be stored like code in any source code management system like GIT or TFS. Use GaiaBuilder with Azure Devops or Jenkins to deploy each change from the ArcGIS Pro project to ArcGIS Enterprise. The use of Release Pipelines can deploy the change through your entire DTAP.

Using GaiaBuilder saves a lot of time on Ops, speeds up your Dev and helps you to control quality in your DTAP.