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Marlin, Merkator’s Next Generation Geospatial Asset Management software solution, is not just a new GIS product. It is a new way of thinking on how to organise the Spatial Asset Management workflows. It is the result of a great team that has served the Utility & Communication ‘s market for more than 20 years and has its roots back in 2014. Together with an innovative, strong launching customer we developed a brand new way of Geospatial Asset Management for the Telco industry and SmartGrid Operators from different types and size. Managing gas, electrical, water, pipeline, fiber, coax, cupper, district heating, sewage networks or all of them combined is not an easy challenge. We took the challenge. We listened first. We acted.

The software solution will be available for international commercial distribution in 2019 but sometimes serious things need time to prepare. So now is the perfect time to approach us and influence the future of Marlin. Marlin runs side by side with every leading GIS engine and we have the tools to inject any legacy GIS data into our solution.

mipOda, proven GIPOD Workflow Automation tool for Grid Operators. No need to distract your people from your internal GIS applications. Just be GIPOD compliant by injecting your own GIPOD data in the Government portal without using the Portal itselves. Faster, more effective and more synergy with other grid operators, that is our objective. That is our result.

Pipeline Health Checker Today, most pipe measurements are gathered in different reports and local files that are full of numbers and difficult to interpret. These measurements are generated from a wide variety of specialized applications and services: operational monitoring, automated inspection results (e.g. pigging), risk & safety calculations… More often than not, managers have no oversight or control panel that brings together these results. The Pipeline Health Checker Smart M.App gathers measurement information from different sources and maps them on your pipe network map. This information can then shared with the dispatching teams to identify new areas to monitor, with the maintenance teams to indicate where to intervene first, with the asset management department to evaluate budget and priorities for investment in new pipes or to evaluate best material over time…

Leaks in pipe networks always result in environmental, human and economical disasters. While the pressure is always monitored and steered to act upon sudden events, the network continuously degrades over time. In big transport and distribution networks spanning through countries, it is difficult to clearly monitor the status of the network and where to send the measurement teams. With the Pipeline Health Checker, field and office engineers can better evaluate how your pipe network behaves, predict its state and keep your customers, neighbors as well as investors safe.

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GeoMerk KLIC – KLIM – KLIP automates every “call before you dig” request. It conforms to both legislation of The Netherlands (KLIC) and Belgium (KLIP/KLIM-CICC). Every day we serve more than 100 customers in our SaaS solutions, 100% autonomous, 99.98% availability.

GaiaBuilder automates publishing and sharing of Mapservices to ArcGIS Enterprise.

Develop and maintain your Mapservices and more with our professional deployment tools for ESRI software. ArcGIS Pro projects or maps and their ArcGIS Enterprise configuration can be stored like code in any source code management system like GIT or TFS. Use GaiaBuilder with Azure Devops or Jenkins to deploy each change from the ArcGIS Pro project to ArcGIS Enterprise. The use of Release Pipelines can deploy the change through your entire DTAP.

Using GaiaBuilder saves a lot of time on Ops, speed up your Dev and helps you to control quality in your DTAP.