Improve your workflow by linking Street Smart images with your QGIS layers. Using the Street Smart plugin you can make a strong link between the Street Smart images and your QGIS data layers. By showing them side by side, you can gain more insight into (new) spatial relationships.

View location of Cycloramas

Add a layer with all recording locations. A cone is shown in the QGIS window at the position of the Cyclorama shown in the Street Smart window. The angle of the cone indicates the viewing direction in the Cyclorama. When you click on a feature in the QGIS window, the corresponding Cyclorama will be shown in the Street Smart window.

Smart measuring

Street Smart’s measuring function measures points, lines and areas in all the available data. All measurements you make in the Street Smart window are immediately written onto a layer in QGIS and can thus be saved or exported.


Vector layers from QGIS can be shown as an overlay in the Street Smart window. By presenting spatial information as a data layer in Street Smart, you will be able to quickly gain insights into (new) spatial relationships.


Download the plugin here: