Geneviève Carton de Wiart

Senior Geo-ICT Consultant

Geneviève Carton de Wiart joined Merkator NV/SA as Senior Consultant in September 2013. Geneviève comes from a major Belgian system integrator where she was involved for several years in Utility projects. Previously, she worked 10 years for US based Intergraph Corporation, where she successfully covered technical and pre-sales activities in the public sector in Belgium and abroad, and thoroughly contributed to all phases of the A.S.T.R.I.D. project for the delivery of a nationwide calltaking & dispatching solution for the Belgian Federal Police including I/CAD and GeoMedia products. Prior to that she coordinated and acted as consultant for a European funded program concerning On-line Training on GIS and Remote Sensing at the ITC (Enschede, The Netherlands). Geneviève has a Master in Geographical Sciences (Liège, Belgium) and graduated in 1996. As per 2014 Geneviève is member of the EENA (European Emergency Number Association) Advisory Board.