Maureen van Driel-Rengelink

Geo-ICT Consultant

Maureen van Driel-Rengelink joined Merkator BV in Februari 2014 as Geo-ICT Consultant after working for several years for another Geospatial Services and Software provider, Tensing. She has more than 13 years of experience in the Geo-ICT landscape. In that time she has gained knowledge of commercial software (Esri ArcGIS, Esri ArcView, Esri ArcSDE, Esri ArcIMS, MapInfo, GE Smallworld, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL lite, Safe Software FME Desktop, Google Maps) and has also developed several custom interfaces and Geo products for desktop, server, web and mobile environments. Started development with Delphi and Visual Basic stepped over to .Net and C#. Maureen has also knowledge of asp, javascript, Html and CSS. Maureen owns a Master of Science in Geodetic Engineering (TU Delft, The Netherlands, 2001).