Olivier Damanet

Principal Consultant, Co-Founder

Olivier Damanet joined Merkator NV/SA when it was created and is a Principal Consultant and Partner of the Company. Olivier overlooks the longer term technical and architectural scenarios for complex geospatial automation workflows. Olivier worked for Esri Inc, Intergraph Corporation and another Belgian ICT system integrator where he was crucial in strategic roles during complex GIS projects. He is frequently consulted for technical architectural design, functional requirement analysis and guidance in complex geospatial workflows mainly in the Utility & Telecom market where he works for Belgian's leading grid operators. Olivier has been involved in a major technology innovation exercise at Telenet NV, one of the main Tier-1 Telco players of Belgium. Olivier holds a Master in Agronomics (Louvain-La-Neuve - Belgium, 2000).