Wim Blanken

Senior Geo-ICT Consultant

Wim Blanken joined Merkator BV in September 2012. Wim is a recognized senior Geo-ICT Consultant who has always been inspired by geography and the role it plays in our life. Wim has immediately been assigned to several initiatives where his experience and wealth of GIS ideas were more than welcome. From his university period where he was a dedicated lecturer on GIS concepts and implementations, Wim has been well into GIS. His in-depth knowledge about commercial software (Esri ArcGIS, Esri ArcView, Esri ArcSDE, Esri ArcIMS, Autodesk Mapguide, Intergraph GeoMedia, Bentley Microstation, Google Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps,...) and opensource initiatives like Udig, Geoserver among others, puts him in a comfortable and objective position to advice the market on architectural matters, functional workflows and technical tracks. He is very much considered a specialist in know-how on geodata structures and how they can be used in a Dutch context. Over the past 15 years Wim has worked for several Government Institutions and brings a welcome extension to Merkator's initial focus area in the Utility business.