Merkator has been appointed by Belgian’s local Water Authority “AGSO Waterbedrijf Knokke-Heist” to assist the water utility company with optimizing several geospatial workflows. The support model is partially based on a SaaS model where Merkator hosts parts of the GIS environment and delivers professional support to enhance several workflows related to communication with external relations.

The GIS environment uses technology from Autodesk®, Geomap® and specific OpenSource technology and is made available through a secure architecture with a public component. Accessible through internal staff and external contractors can contribute to the KLIP program which assists in the “call before you dig” workflow in Flanders

KLIP, initiated and managed by AGIV – the Flemish Geographical Information Agency (FGIA), contributes to a smoother exchange of utility data among contractor, utility companies and every instance that needs to execute infrastructure works on public property.

Johan Cabooter, Director at the Water Authority, commented:

 “The pragmatic approach of Merkator NV is helping us to streamline important geospatial workflows where the quality of service to the public is key for the overall safety of our citizens. Although we are a relative small utility authority, with around 15.000 connections to our customers and a pipeline grid of 400 km, we are facing the same challenges as our market peers to comply with legal regulations such as KLIP now and GIPOD soon“.

The GIS environment uses state-of-the-art technology and actually combines different vendor components to come to a seamless solution.