Early September 2017 a final agreement was signed for the development of a new webplatform ‘GeoWEP’. In the next one and a half years, this new Geo-information platform will be realized with Geotechnical Research Office Wiertsema & Partners (WEP), one of the major ground research specialists in the Netherlands. GeoWEP will offer the very best insight of the subsurface zone with surround and interactive vision on all thinkable soilaspects.

Due to the developments in the field of Geo-ICT in the past decades like computer models, digital data availability, artificial intelligence (AI) and sensor technology developments, new opportunities have been created to generate a detailled image of the subsoil. As a result, risks associated with subsurface related uncertainties can be better understood and the opportunities of the subsoil can be better utilized. This is important for plans for area development, housing and utilities and (large) infrastructure projects such as the High Water Protection Program, which will be implemented in the coming decades.

In a unique collaboration, three north-Netherland parties are now getting started with the GeoWEP project. Wiertsema and Partners will develop the new technology together with the RUG Geodienst and Merkator BV. The innovative system will incorporate millions of data points with complex attribute information and is in accordance with the design of the Governemental Registration Subsurface (BRO), new insights, calculation methods and geotechnical protocols, and aims to make better use of the opportunities offered by all these new developments.

Within this unique project:

  • RUG Geodienst will take care of technological innovation needed for GeoWEP. On the fly visualizations of traces based on interpolation algorithms and machine learning are the core. It is a challenge to translate domain expertise into a good technical solution and to combine it with the latest possibilities of data science and information technology.
    The Geodienst team will consist of Niek, Jelmer, Govert and Daniella.
  • Merkator BV will focus on automation and project management and will build the following main components of GeoWEP:
    (1) GeoWEP DB, which will hold Open data and W&P data with approximately 350,000,000 records with interpolated lithoclasses.
    (2) a GeoWEP Data Management component which controls availability and accessibility of validated data.
    (3) a GeoWEP Workflow component which will support key workflow processes. This component relies heavily on mobile technology and high-precision GNSS (high precision GPS).
    The Merkator-team will consist of Maureen, Wouter and Wijnand.

W&P Director Kees Jan van der Made and Merkator BV Director Pim van der Kleij

The Merkator and W&P Projectmanagers vlnr. Wijnand van Riel and Alain Maas

Vlnr. Merkator BV Director Pim vander Kleij en Senior Project Coördinator Govert Schoof of the Geodienst (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen).