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June 17th, 2022

  • The new group now becomes a leading provider of geospatial solutions, with a large customer base (500 +) in the Benelux. 

  • The combined expertise of 180 professionals will bring together software, data and services to help government authorities, utilities and private companies build state-of-the-art infrastructures and deliver enhanced services to citizens and businesses.  

Zellik, Leuven, Gembloux - Belgium – June 17, 2022: Merkator nv/sa today announced the acquisition of GIM nv, including its affiliate GIM Wallonie srl, a Belgian provider of geospatial data engineering, geospatial artificial intelligence and spatial application development. The merger of those leading Belgian Geo-ICT companies with Merkator immediately doubles the footprint of the Group, both in terms of people and revenues, and brings together an impressive amount of knowledge and experience in the Geospatial ICT market in Belgium and beyond. Viewed alongside with the activities of the Merkator Group in the Netherlands and Spain, the Group now employs over 180 Geo-ICT professionals and scientists operating from six offices across Europe.  

“This major acquisition undoubtedly represents a significant strengthening of Merkator’s position in geospatial software development and related professional services. GIM not only consists of a recognized and talented team of Geo-ICT experts with a strong reputation in building geo digital twins, but it is also a company with an authentic culture,” says Geert De Coensel, CEO of Merkator. “Our joint plan is to create a magic geospatial triangle, in which Software, Data and Services complement each other. This SDS triangle is crucial when it comes to providing genuine turnkey solutions. Software needs data and data needs software. Combining these with professional services that provide added value for our customers creates a unique offering within the Belgian market and by extension in a much broader geographical context.” 

“For almost 30 years, GIM has delivered Geo-ICT expertise and industry-leading geospatial data, data integration and location intelligence solutions in the government, utility, telco and private sectors. With more than 70 experts, GIM serves an impressive portfolio of loyal customers. Market experts have always seen GIM as a pioneer and beacon in the markets it serves,” De Coensel said.  

“Today is an important day for the Geospatial community, especially in the Belgian landscape. This is a unique opportunity to extend GIM’s geodata engineering and we are excited to benefit from Merkator’s proven strength and expertise in geospatial software and high-end services,” says Vital Schreurs, GIM’s founder. “Both companies share a passion for geospatial innovation. GIM’s management has been preparing for this transition for several years already and we are looking forward to collaborating with Merkator in order to further develop our vision in the area of digital twin solutions.” 

About Merkator nv/sa 

Merkator nv/sa, founded in 2011, is a leading Belgian software provider specializing in enabling network digital twin software technology and accelerating call-before-you-dig (CBYD) and permitting processes for the public space. Merkator’s team of experts is committed to providing high-end professional services in Geo-ICT Telco & Utilities. Merkator assists all smart network & grid operators (fiber, copper, coax, electricity, gas, water & wastewater), and smart cities & local governments in getting their job done, boosting their productivity and efficiency, and ultimately creating high value for their customers. Merkator nv/sa employs more than 75 people at present. Key brands of Merkator nv/sa are Marlin, Marlin Digital Twin, EagleInfra and Eaglebe.  

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About GIM nv   

Founded in 1994, GIM nv is a leading Belgian provider of geospatial data integration, geospatial AI and Geo-ICT solutions. With a team of more than 70 geo experts, GIM is helping businesses, authorities and utilities to take smarter decisions and to work faster. GIM nv operates in Wallonia and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg through its affiliate GIM Wallonie srl. Its flagship product Belmap, the digital version of the living environment, offers comprehensive insights into buildings, addresses and related features in the Benelux. 

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From left to right: Olivier Damanet, Dave Dionne, Caroline Heylen, Geert De Coensel, Vital Schreurs, Christophe Adriaensen, Steven Smolders, Babs Dumont 

Arabic version of this press release here available

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