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We aim for safer streets and smarter managed networks

Our exciting story started more than 10 years ago. A decade later and 90 people strong today we have great things to share. 


Today more than 125 Smart Cities are using our solution to permit roadworks and events, prevent conflicts and create safer streets. Market leader in Belgium today and now available in any city worldwide. 

Merkator supports network owners in the daily challenges of engineering , maintaining & operating all passive & active assets.  Digital Twin technology? you are on the right place. Today we have active customers around the globe. 



Just like an iceberg: 10% of our activities are visible on the public domain (above) and 90% of what we do is related to your underground networks (below).

or simply said: We are Above & Below. 



Creating a “peace of mind” for companies and cities where your data means quality instead of quantity thanks to our innovative products and daily services.


We strive to do this in a sincere and honest way.

We are proud of our people, we treat them with the utmost respect, we give them the space for personal growth with an open view on diversity and inclusion.

We aim for sustainable responsibility.


We are striving for doing good business with an eye on our planet, our future. Your future.

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